This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.
List of all available functions will be included in API documentation in release archive available for download

Project is a library of functions. Download the FileTypeDetective.dll from download section and add it to your Visual Studio project as a reference: right click on Project Name -> Add Reference -> Browse and point this to the downloaded file. For more details check MSDN guide:

Then in every class where you need to use FileDetective add reference to the library:
using FileTypeDetective;

This will provide a list of extension functions for FileInfo objects.
The usage is as following:
FileInfo file = new FileInfo("C:\tmp\unknown.file");

// returns file type - one of the contants defined in the class
FileType type = file.GetFileType();

// writes the file extension

// compares if the file belongs to some type
if (type.isType(FileTypeDetective.WORD))
   Console.WriteLine("File is MS Word");

// returns true if the file is PDF
if (type.isPdf()){

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